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Our Tuition

Year-Round Tuition

Individual: $700
Group of 2: $650/person
Group of 3: $600/person
Group of 4: $550/person
Group of 5: $500/person

This package covers the cost of our comprehensive NHD tutoring program from the beginning of the school year to the day of the first regional competition (likely in March). This includes a total of 20 meetings, which our tutors will work to organize with students based on each group’s scheduling needs.

Moreover, it covers the cost of correspondence throughout the week between meetings (i.e. emails, inquiries, reviewing research, etc.), allowing tutors to be accessible and involved throughout the process.

Case-Based Tuition

Skill-Based Classes

Individual: $40/person
Group of 2: $35/person
Group of 3: $30/person
Group of 4: $25/person
Group of 5: $20/person

Project Review
Any Group Size: $40 Total

Case based tutoring sessions will address the specific needs of students. Students can choose to learn skills such as interviewing or script development or get a review of their project to help improve their work. For students requiring help over the span of multiple weeks, or in need of help with project management, the year round option is a better fit.

Postseason Tuition Plans

Post-County: $35/hr*
Post-State: $30/hr*

*only students who previously worked with Past is Prelude are eligible for this package

For students who reach the state or national round -- congratulations! Tutors will help edit and polish projects for further competition, and can share their experiences at these levels if students require further help. These sessions will be formatted similarly to case based, but will build upon existing relationships.

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