Our Program

Flexible. Catered to your needs.

Two Models

Choose one that best supports you


Students in the year round model will be assigned to 1-2 tutors, who will meet weekly with their tutor(s) to discuss their project and be available for help throughout the week. The tutors will guide students through the entire NHD project, from topic brainstorming to interview preparations. This model is suggested for students who are new to NHD or have some experience.


Students in the case-based model will meet with tutors on a on-demand basis to work on anything the student(s) request. We suggest this model for students who are already doing NHD at school or have previous experience.

Our Curriculum

Structured learning.

Introduction to NHD

There are many factors to consider when beginning your NHD project. From choosing whether to work with others to picking a medium of presentation, our tutors will help you get started with a direction for your project and avoid common pitfalls when beginning NHD.

Topic Selection

Having a solid topic for the annual theme is crucial for the success of the project and narrowing down the choices is a daunting process. Our tutors will break down the theme for you and provide some simple yet relevant topic examples. Finding a topic that is both meaningful to your student and encourages success in the competition is crucial to an educational and enjoyable NHD experience.

Reviewing Successful Projects

A successful project incorporates lessons from successful past projects. Our tutors will help your student analyze these projects and draw inspirations to apply to their own project.

Keys to Research

Research is the most difficult, yet also the most rewarding part of the NHD process. From pointing your student to the best databases to helping them formulate insightful research questions, our tutors will ensure your student learns how to research effectively and set them up for a successful final product.

Conducting Expert Interviews

Interviews make every project stand out. Through years of experience contacting and interviewing historical figures, field experts, and professors, our tutors will guide your student through the interviewing process. This step will take your student’s historical comprehension and real life skills to the next level.

Script Review

The script is the meat of every project and demonstrates your research and insights on your topic. Our tutors will help you effectively craft a story that utilizes your extensive research and analytical connections while capturing an audience.

Technical Lessons (editing/layout/art)

Oftentimes, you will need advanced skills to demonstrate mastery in your final project that aren’t taught in any school curriculum. Examples include costuming for a performance, video editing for a documentary, or visual layout for an exhibit or a website. Our tutors understand the learning curve for these techniques and will guide your student through the learning process.

Project Review

The rough draft of any eventually successful project is a drawing board towards an end product. Our tutors have each viewed hundreds of different projects and know the qualities that make those projects successful. Our tutors will thoroughly review students’ drafts and work to remedy weaknesses. From there, our tutors will work with students to create an organized plan to bring the project to completion.

Annotated Bibliography/Process Paper

As with any research project, an extensive list of sources is pivotal to your project’s credibility. NHD requires this list to be annotated and their judges closely examine your notes. Moreover, the judges want to hear about how your initial idea developed into your final project. Through our tutors’ advice, students will craft an original process paper that speaks to their personal engagement and hard work on the project.

Mock Interview

On contest day, the judges scrutinize your work and ask difficult questions about your process and project. In order to be prepared and take full advantage of this interview, you need to have excellent public speaking and communication skills. In a mock interview, each of our tutors will act as judges for your project to prepare your students for this experience as realistically as possible and build their confidence for game day.

Our Policies

  • We hold the utmost respect for the National History Day competition and pledge to strictly abide by all of their rules. Our service emphasizes teaching and suggestions similar to a school-guided NHD program. We will not offer direct assistance such as tangibly contributing to our clients’ projects in any way.
  • We will never share your personal information or project with others without consent.
  • We strive to make NHD an affordable experience. If you are interested in NHD but are unable to pay for our services (e.g. you participate in the free or reduced lunch program) please feel free to contact us and discuss a financial aid package to allow you to participate.
  • Due to the busy schedules of our tutors, students in the year round model cannot request more than one meeting per week until January, and no more than two meetings per week afterwards.