Write your future by learning about the past.

National History Day

Take a chance and dive deep into history to build life skills, find your passions, and create stepping stones towards your future.

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An unparalleled educational experience.

Learn Research &
Communication Skills

NHD is a unique extracurricular experience that adds competition, personal engagement, and hands-on experience to skills learned in the classroom.

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An experienced team.

Dedicated Tutors

Guided by our experienced tutors, you will build your confidence and ability to effectively navigate a large-scale research historical project. Our tutors understand the intricacies of the competition and what it takes to succeed.

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Our Mission

The National History Day competition teaches lifelong skills in research, public speaking, and writing while fostering curiosity and teamwork. However, the competition is dominated by those who attend schools that have established NHD programs, and navigating the competition is a daunting task for students without experience.
Past is Prelude seeks to provide a comprehensive, enjoyable, and affordable tutoring experience to enable students from all academic backgrounds and environments to reap the lasting benefits of NHD.

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Why Us?

Experienced. Convenient. Proven.

Experienced Tutors

As college students, our tutors understand the stresses of high school/middle school. They will work with students’ busy schedules to make NHD an enjoyable and educational experience. Additionally, our tutors have been involved in NHD since 2015, as both competitors and coaches. They have experienced all aspects of the NHD competition and understand what it takes to succeed.

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Our tutors dedicate ourselves to the individual needs of your student’s project. In addition to scheduled consulting sessions, our tutors will be fully available through text and email to answer any questions and help negotiate skill-based and organizational difficulties. Our services are designed to take advantage of virtual interactions, and accessibility online through Zoom and emails is a priority to fully engage students and support them in all aspects of the project.

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A Proven Curriculum

As coaches, our tutors have successfully guided first year teams to the national level. Utilizing the comprehensive Past is Prelude curriculum, developed over years of competition experience at the State and National levels, their guidance has prepared students for success while helping teach crucial skills.

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